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The Drop Out Story

Drop Out Store, is an independently owned and operated retail store situated in the heart of Auckland, NZ. Drop Out Store was created by independent owner and operator Grant Kenji Elliott.


Established in 2021, directly after the events of COVID-19, Drop Out Store created a mission to bring new and exclusive Streetwear labels to New Zealand, and do it differently to everyone else. We didn’t want to stock your classic labels that were already here, we wanted to shake it up with labels that you couldn’t and wouldn’t find here. We wanted you to find your niche within our store, and to be able to express yourself through fashion and clothing in a way unlike every other retailer.


We opened the doors to our first flagship store, located in Auckland's premier shopping district Newmarket in November 2021, with a plethora of expanding labels from the likes of CLOT, Raised by Wolves, Made in Paradise & BrandBlack. Since then, we’ve expanded our range to include 18+ different labels from around the world with a focus on material, colour, texture and story. Every single garment, accessory and pair of footwear is carefully curated by our Founder, Grant.


Drop Out Store isn’t afraid of the Tall Poppy Syndrome in NZ. We aren’t afraid to take risks and see what we can do in this tough market. All we see are opportunities. We aren’t going to be like everyone else, we’re going to mould our own pathway.


Drop Out Store is for the people, for the culture & we’re for winning.


- Grant Elliott, Founder.

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